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Vogue Magazine: Our Perfect Fit Bridal Collection Feature

Vogue Magazine the fashion Bible came calling,

Last year was huge for us, it was our 10th Birthday as Perfect fit Bridal Couture. 10 years of bringing our talents and creativity to Brides from across the UK. For every year of dedication each one spent growing into the next we developed, we worked with amazing people and finally we created a Couture collection to be launched this year. It was just as we came towards the end of this process that something that only happens in dreams for designers like us happened. In all of those 10 years we could never have prepared for what would come as we entered 2019.

An email landed in Wendie’s inbox at the end of January. Her first thought………did I read that correctly? She read over the email a few more times before it really sunk in……

Vogue Magazine! An invite to appear in VOGUE! Not only in the magazine but online too. Astonished is one word to describe the feeling in the studio, overwhelmed is another, to say we were excited just feels like a under statement. This was mind blowing our collection was a representation of our Art each one a manifestation of Wendie’s imagination.

The hard work didn’t end there though we now had the task of putting together an amazing shoot to use in our Vogue feature. It had to really shine, stand out just like our Couture collection. A captivating look to work with the collection was what we wanted. An opulent dreamy feel to the photography showing the dresses in all their glory. The detailed embellishments of the first dress with a subtle split to the skirt for a exquisite alternative to your classic style of dress. The second dress a divine example of today’s modernist boho bride, graceful with gentle detailing along the waist.

Leeds Dress Designer

The studio was bright and inviting, both models perfectly matched to style of each gown. The make up and hair skill fully applied to compliment each one we were ready to shoot! Ready to be part of the Fashion Bible itself. The shoot day was so much fun, everyone brimming with a vibrancy and excitement. We were all aware that this was an opportunity of a life time and the feeling was palpable. Mathew, the Photographer had the style we needed, an attentive mind focused on his artistry. He created a relaxed but professional atmosphere and just knew how the shoot needed to look. A matter of days later and the photos were with us ready to make their way to the biggest Fashion magazine in the world and we could hardly believe it.

Containing the news was difficult but only added to the anticipation. For obvious reasons we couldn’t tell a soul until the release date, four weeks of waiting seemed like it would take forever but we were so busy organising our Open day, Newspaper article’s, meeting new Brides that in what seemed like a whirlwind the day came. Waking on the morning of the Vogue release date to receive our copy was like waking from the dream, seeing our hard work showcased on Vogue retail online for the world over to see. The photos were alluring and we were in Vogue not only in the Magazine but on the website too! It was real we were there amongst the greatest designers across the globe.

Vogue Magazine Boho Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses Leeds

Yorkshire Evening post we’re delighted to feature our story, we wanted to spread the word as far we could. The photographer came to the studio and captured Wendie busy in her design room, taking some fantastic shots of the main studio too that really showcased the beauty of it all.we couldn’t believe it when on press release date Wendie had a call from her sister “your on the front page” not only the front page but the cover story!

This isn’t the end though for us this is just the beginning. The start of an even bigger adventure, something that has us striving for more. With the support of everyone we love we have achieved one of our dreams we their continued support who knows we could reach the stars!

Matthew Kitchen Photography
Make up by Kirstie
Shona Fairweather
Liberty Buxton

Blog written by – Danielle Ferrier

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