Wedding Dress Alterations: 7 Questions to Ask Your Dressmaker

There’s one thing you shouldn’t compromise on when it comes to your wedding dress, and that’s the fit! Not only should your dress fit you perfectly; it should be comfortable, and most of all you should feel amazing in it! So you’ve found the perfect dress, the big day is approaching and you need the perfect fit – your wedding alterations are just as important as finding the dress itself so make sure you do your research and ask the right questions to make it as stress free as possible. Here, we talk you through the process and what questions you should ask when it comes to your wedding alterations, which we of course can help you with.

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When Should I Book My Wedding Alterations Appointment?

We would recommend booking your first fitting for 8-10 weeks prior to your wedding, however most boutiques and seamstresses will accommodate an earlier appointment prior to this for a consultation – it may be just to put your mind at rest that the alterations can be done and of course that you are happy with the seamstress and the boutique. A seamstress should work with you to asses what alterations are required, and discuss any design features you would like to change if any.

What Should I Bring To My Appointments?

There are a few things that are a must for your first appointment and every appointment after that; you should ideally have on the underwear you will be wearing for your wedding day, but if you don’t have this make sure you wear something very similar- it’s amazing the difference this makes when it comes to fitting your gown. Your gown may require cups to be added and these should be supplied by the seamstress.  Your shoes are a must as most dresses will need some alterations to the hem, so without your shoes this alteration is impossible for a seamstress. If your wearing shapewear you will also need to bring this with you!

How Long Will My Appointment Last?

Generally each appointment will last around an 1-1.5 hours (ours are one hour), however this would depend on the requirements and amendments involved at each process. Some may be slightly longer and some shorter, if you have time, don’t rush them, as this will make it a much more stress free process for all involved. Treat it as part of your wedding dress journey, have fun and make a day of it!

How Many Fittings Will I Need?

After your first consultation, you will generally have two-three fittings for your wedding dress alterations– however this depends on the complexity of the alterations and any other external factors which may occur. Generally, most appointments will be mid-week (for busy brides we also offer evening and weekend appointments) so make sure you plan ahead for this, most appointments can be made in advance if required and your working to a tight or busy schedule. Expect a fitting every 2-3 weeks during the lead up to the wedding.

Wedding dress alterations in Leeds

How Much Will It Cost?

Bridal alterations come in many forms, and cost can be a tricky one- it completely depends on the seamstress, the boutique and of course how many alterations you require and the complexity of your wedding dress. Generally we would say to plan for around £150-£300 for general alterations. For bridal re-styling wedding alterations this is likely to be more, however most seamstresses will confirm the cost at consultation. We offer 3 packages here- bronze, silver and gold:£185- standard fitting and alteration£225 – more in-depth intricate work£250- to include add ons such as a sleeve or heavily beaded.And all include steaming as standard.

What Happens If I Lose/Gain Weight?

After your first consultation and fitting you should always try and maintain your weight and shape. We understand that in some cases this does not always happen. Most seamstresses are used to weight fluctuations and will allow for this within reason, however, bear in mind that a further cost may be incurred if the dress has to be re-altered. However, we do not charge for weight gain alterations.

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Can I Make Amendments To My Dress?

Most seamstresses and boutiques can make required amendments to your gown; most things are possible and you’ll be amazed at what the right seamstress and we can do to convert your existing gown into something that looks like it was originally designed just for you. This may just include: taking it in/letting our, shortening your hem, lifting the shoulders or straps- or could go as far as adding straps, sleeves, beading, changing necklines or removing parts of the dress which you don’t like! If you’d like to personalise it, make sure you do your research and find the right seamstress for you and your dress. We offer a restyling service which the costing is determined at the free consultation.

Our philosophy at Perfect Fit is that the fitting and alteration of your wedding dress should be a relaxed, enjoyable and exciting experience so it’s important that you feel confident in the seamstress you choose to work on your beautiful dress. Customer satisfaction is crucial to us: we want you to enjoy every moment and feel completely satisfied with the end result. Some of our brides are referred to us from friends and relatives who have been delighted with our bridal alteration service, which means a great deal to us, so if you’re looking for wedding alterations on your treasured dress, get in touch! And for more information on our wedding dress alterations services click here!