Wedding Dress Shopping: Our Expert Advice at Perfect Fit Bridal Couture Wedding Dresses West Yorkshire

Here at Perfect Fit wedding dresses, West Yorkshire we offer the complete bridal service. We understand the importance of finding the perfect wedding dress, one that is unique and perfect for you and only you. We provide a one-of-a kind experience to ensure your journey is just as flawless as your dress. With a full bespoke design service and alterations service we can help you get wedding day ready when it comes to your dress.

Wedding dress shopping is just the start of your journey and whether you’re looking for a bespoke service or an off-the-peg dress, for most of us it’s a once in a lifetime experience, so sit back, relax and we’ll give you our expert advice and top tips for a stress-free wedding dress shopping experience

Spends and Budgets

Having some kind of budget or preferred spend we would like to or need to stick to is always a sensible place to start when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress. No matter how little or how big your budget is, it is important to be realistic when shopping for your gown; don’t go to boutiques that are out of your reach in terms of price, yet if you’re looking for something completely unique and designed just for you, make sure you go to the right place that can help you design and create something. Be open and honest with your chosen boutiques, as this will always help both you and them, and save time and potentially upset in your dress shopping journey. Keep in mind that if you buy off the peg and you’re also looking for accessories you will also need to incorporate these into your budget.


If you have the time to be able to plan and prepare for your wedding dress shopping, use it! We recommend you start your dress shopping at least a year before your wedding date. Off the peg dresses that have to be ordered can take up to 9 months to come in, if you’re going bespoke the process normally takes around 6 months. Avoid the last minute panic, and stress, the earlier you start the better.


You’ll probably have some kind of idea of what styles you like and those you don’t, so make sure you do your research and find the right bridal boutique for you! Look at the designers which you are gravitating towards, or if you’re looking for something completely different, and unique to you, find a designer that can do this for you. Be open minded, ask lots of questions and always book your appointment in advance. It is worth saying that we offer a true bespoke service, so if you are looking for something a little less traditional or more unique, we are the wedding designer for you!


Think carefully about your underwear choice when wedding dress shopping. Wear something that is as close as what you think you’ll be wearing on the day. A strapless bra is always a good idea, and if shapewear makes you feel more confident, and you’ll be wearing this on your wedding day, then make sure you have it on!


Take advice and listen to suggestions from the bridal assistants or designers as they may have ideas you’d not though of. Your entourage know you, and you’ll be able to get opinions and of course reactions from them! Most importantly after listening to everyone else, listen to yourself, as only you will know when something is right. Don’t feel like you should know straight away and don’t put pressure on yourself; if you need time to think, give yourself time to think, and listen to how you are feeling.

Choose Your Entourage Wisely

If you have a big bridal party it’s tempting to want them all to come along for the experience but it can be tricky. We would suggest having a maximum of three people; the more opinions and views, the more confusing it can become trying to please everyone! Pick people who will give you constructive opinions. And if you can’t pick between them, take different people to different appointments!

Keep an Open Mind

Always keep an open mind when wedding dress shopping –  what you think you want, may not be what you end up with! Know in your mind what are absolute deal breakers – for example you know you definitely want a sleeve, then try on alternatives, and different styles, as there may be details and designs you’ve not seen before, and they may just be perfect for you.

At Perfect Fit Wedding Dresses, West Yorkshire we have over 30 years design and alterations experience with wedding dresses, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality dressmaking and alterations service. We have a passion for creating beautiful, elegant and graceful gowns, and perfecting the fit for our brides to be. If you’re looking for something unique or you need an existing dress making perfect we’d be more than happy to help! Get in touch!