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Classic Fairytale Wedding at Bagden Hall Yorkshire

March the 18th was a very special day for everyone at Perfect Fit Bridal Couture, especially Shona my daughter. Shona had always dreamed of having a classic fairytale wedding when she married her soulmate and as she is my only daughter it was definitely a dream I shared with her. Shona and her soon-to-be husband chose a venue to match this dream in Bagden Hall in  Denby Dale-surrounded with fields and woodland for as far as the eye can see, it was perfect for the day they had dreamed of for so long.

We set out to create a small collection of dresses that would be completely unique to Shona and her bridal party, she had always wanted something that would stand out, something that she could call her own and I, of course was happy to oblige and create a classic fairytale wedding dress for her!

Her journey started back in 2016 visiting trade shows in and around Yorkshire to source only the finest quality fabrics for our Brides and at this particular time for Herself. It took some time to find the perfect fabric to create Shona’s dream dress but she eventually fell in love with a beautifully delicate French lace in a Pink blush hue, hand finished with pearl and beaded embellishments. From that we went on to choose the satin and tulles to complete the look. All the fabrics were sourced from Michael’s bridal fabrics who pulled out all the stops to ensure the fabric was with us three months earlier than expected.

Yorkshire Wedding Venue

The design of Shona’s classic fairytale wedding dress had started, she wanted to make a statement wearing a dress that really had that wow factor!

Starting with a fitted bodice we worked from there bringing the dress to life with a calico toile so Shona could get a good idea of how her dress would fit and choose sleeve length and how she wanted the skirt to fall.

Shona opted for a three quarter length sheer sleeve made from the French lace she had chosen with added embellishments, she had always imagined that she would wear a circular skirt with  long train but we wanted to produce something different, something that we knew would grab everyone’s attention, most importantly, her new husbands!  We had decided together through the design process that to achieve the volume she wanted we would use layered tulle but how could we take it from your average tulle skirt to the next level and mirror the beautiful blush colour in the Lace. Experimenting with the Tulle fabric I decided to try layers using a mixture of Ivory and Blush pink.

Shona came to see the skirt after it had been made, using the method of layering the fabric creating a beautiful multi tonal effect and a fantastic volume that would definitely turn heads. She was over the moon as was I, a few happy tears were shed that day! I think we both knew then that together we had achieved exactly what she had been dreaming of for all those years.

The dress was almost there all that was left was the hand crafted finishes, Shona had originally wanted a belt but on seeing the dress almost complete we both agreed that a more subtle finish was needed as the lace really spoke for itself. We chose to add appliqués that would softly drape onto the skirt to blend the two elements together.

The last few weeks running up to the wedding were spent meticulously hand sewing the finishing touches and what a difference this made. Here at Perfect Fit we know that this can be the most important part of the design process and will always transform a dress from standard bridal to Couture.

Shona had three Bridesmaids who are close friends and four Flower girls her gorgeous daughters and her  niece. It was so important to everyone that the bridal party had very special dresses that would flatter them and also complement Shona’s classic faurytale wedding dress perfectly. The bridesmaids had calf length dresses inspired by her grandmothers wedding dress in the 1960’s, to complement Shona’s wedding dress these were made in a deep Blush coloured satin with an overlay of lace in the same colour for the bodice and Tulle on the skirt.

The Flower girls each had a dress in a gorgeous floral vintage inspired fabric with the exception of Shona’s eldest daughter who had a skirt to match the Tulle of the older bridesmaids. Together with Shona’s dress these all made up the perfect collection that would set the tone of the Fairytale wedding.

Classic Fairytale Wedding Dress

The day had arrived, the morning was spent gazing out of the beautiful ceiling high widow of her room over the surrounding fields as everyone buzzed around getting themselves and Shona ready, it was all stations go! The venue had been dressed in blush and ivory flowers, Ivory lace sashes and beautiful glass wear all bathed in a warm glow of candlelight.

The dream was now a reality fast approaching with the usual Early morning wedding nerves and added touches of laughter from Shona and her family members and friends all that was left was for her prince to arrive.

Made to measure wedding

Classic Fairytale Wedding

These moments were so precious to us all, watching your only daughter on her special day is something me and my husband and I will never forget. They say a photo can speak a thousand words and the moment captured when Simon, Shona’s Father, see’s her for the first time emulates this beautifully. The superb photos captured from start to finish and the photo booth provided by Dave and Mary at PhotoChaps will hold those moments so we can enjoy them for a lifetime. For this I can’t thank them both enough.

The whole day was exactly what the Bride and Groom had wished for and I’m so happy that I could be so involved in making their wish come true. Her classic fairytale wedding dress was perfect for their big day.

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All the love in the world from your Mama.

Special Thanks to the suppliers that provided such a excellent service on the day:

Photochaps- Photography/Photo booth

Mrs Bouquets- venue Styling/flowers

Rhythm of your choice-DJ and Travis Carter Magician.

Amour Candles-favours

Bagden Hall- Venue

Danielle Hindly-Hair and Make up

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    I love it. So special reliving our day through your blog. Perfect. Thankyou mama xxx

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